• ProLine® Master Electric Water Heaters

    Built with commercial-grade components, our ProLine® Master electric water heaters come with an 8-year warranty. With their impressive combination of smart design and durability, these models are made to deliver years of reliable performance.
    ProLine® Master Electric Water Heaters

  • No two homes or no two customers are the same。 Which is why the ProLine Master family of electric water heaters offers a complete line of water heating solutions。 These state-of-the-art models bring commercial-grade design into residential applications。 Like the gas models, ProLine Master electric products have increased anode protection with either larger or multiple CoreGard™ stainless steel core anodes depending on model。 ProLine Master products are also outfitted with longer lasting, stainless steel upper and lower elements that are modeled after those used in our industry-leading commercial line。

    Efficiency & Performance You Can Count On

    An impressive blend of efficiency and reliability, the State’s ProLine residential water heaters are built with the same technology and care as our industry-leading commercial line。 They’ve been thoroughly tested in our labs to ensure that they last, and that means peace of mind for you and your family。

    Industry-Leading Extended Warranty

    All State water heaters are backed by top-notch tank and parts warranties。 Our ProLine Master products, offers extended 8-year warranty protection。

    Improved Tank Protection

    Larger commercial-grade stainless steel core anode rods that provide exceptional tank protection. Longer-lasting commercial grade stainless steel upper and lower elements.

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